Gallery Night, etc.

Okay, okay, I could sit here and type up all the excuses about why I haven’t blogged in a while, like I always do, but I’m sick of it, so I won’t.

So just this last Friday I went to a downtown event called Gallery Night. I didn’t go to school that day because I was sick, but my fever FINALLY went away midday, so my dad let me go. Plus, we just walk there and walk around. There was lots of amazing finger food to eat and paintings to look at and pretend to consider buying. One highlight of the night was when were were in a fancy hotel, and made our way over to a table where there was a guy selling a book he just wrote about the history of the city. After my dad started talking to him, we found out that he actually lives in our neighborhood. Now, this was a very mild-mannered man, almost… cynical? And we also learned that he had been in the battle reenactment from last spring. My dad then asked him if the uniforms were as hot as they looked, to which he replied, mild-mannered expression intact, “Yes, they were rather warm.” Finally, my dad decided he wanted to buy a book, and the author offered to sign it, and asked what he should write. I said, jokingly, “To my good friend and neighbor!” and my father, upon hearing this, thought it was a magnificent idea, so he asked the author to write just that. It was very funny, but as I recount it on here, it seems rather dull.

Anyway, I wanted to share some outstanding creations I’ve found around on the internet lately.
This doll peacock tattoo is so beautiful, I love it. The detail is exquisite, and it’s just so amazing!
These clay cupcakes are so pretty and detailed! I keep wondering how she did the fruit slices, it’s so small…
Finally, this dollar camera is really cool. I… don’t… really have anything to say about it besides that…

Well, that’s it for now! But on a side note, Dax just informed me that James told him that he saw a dog in a tree this morning.


Lying Here Dreaming

So, school’s finally in session again, and it started up with the impressive efficiency and grace of a water buffalo. We hit the ground running, and hardly a moment later, fell down face-first in the mud.

To put it in the best possible way, it was exciting.

I really appreciate being able to sit with all the sophomores and juniors though, because that’s where most of my friends are. A few complications arose form that though, but they’re not worth going into depth about. Not having block classes is a maaajoorr relief too. I mean, ew.
Things do seem pretty different from last year, and I’m hoping they are even though last year was pretty good. I just can’t stand routine or boringness. Boringosity? Borose?
Anyway, I don’t have much to say except so far I like almost all my classes, and the dreaded Bobbitt reminds me of one of my middle school teachers. All the rest is trivial details no one cares about.

But yesterday I went to a thrift/consignment shop and bought 4 dresses and like 8 tops. It was pretty amazing, and a really cute shop. They had a whole room of stuff that was only a dollar. They also have the most gorgeous pair of red shoes, but I think they might be brand-new, so they’re expensive. I’m saving up to get them. It’s a drag. At least it filled up my day yesterday, as will working to get money, I don’t know what I’m going to do as a hobby this year, haha. I’m sick of the internet.

I’ve also decided that when I grow up, I either want to be a leaf blower or tutor people for the ACT, because seriously, leaf blowing is just fun, and ACT tutoring pays better than my mom’s job did when she first started.

So that is my entire life in a nutshell. I’m tired too.


Oh my gosh, I missed like, a bunch of stuff. Told you I was tired.

First, I wanted to inform you all about my friend Hannah’s deviantart, Swiftly Hunted (As seen on sidebar!), which is privileged enough to feature her wonderful compositions, poetry, and photography. I usually don’t like poetry that doesn’t rhyme, but hers is the exception, and I especially recommend Her Gift (not a poem) because of it’s vividness and dream-like qualitites. Way cool. 8DAnd of course, she only has a few things up there right now because she just joined, so feel free to check back once in a while.

Also, I recently stumbled across Lookbook, which is a “fashion awareness” website that features quite a few very beautiful “looks” or outfits, and enjoyable (at least for me) to browse through in my spare time, and get ideas for outfits from. Steer clear of the creepy gay guys though (not because they’re gay, some actually look really creepy imo). There’s some really pretty stuff there, I really recommend it for people interested in fashion. C:

I think it’s at my grandma’s, but I’m afraid to tell my mom ’cause she’ll get mad and upset. Not helpful. I’m mad and upset myself, haha.

Well, I think I’m actually done this time.


I’m not dead.

I’m just lazy. And I ran out of thinks to say. Sure, I’ll think to myself, maybe I’ll get around to writing about place semi-interesting subject here, but I don’t. Nothing really happens to me that I deem worth sharing with the world.We’re in Texas right now, staying at my Granny’s house for two nights on the way back home. I’m being forced to sit in the backyard and suck the wifi out of some surrounding house or SOMEWHERE because wifi doesn’t just fabricate out of the blue. Well, usually, at least.

I’m planning that when school starts, I will hopefully begin to blog more (less free time=more motivation to write? .__.’) and post more pictures so that maybe I can actually make this a REAL blog, even if it is boring. 8O

So the trip’s been okay so far, as long as 10 hour car rides sitting within 7 feet of the people you’re convinced were put on this earth only to annoy you is considered in the realms of “okay”. I mean, the eating’s been good.

So today we’re spending the entire day at my granny’s house, as it is our preference to do, and we’re going to get to see Dax’s best friend Cameron for the first time in a year, and of course, we get good food.

And we also went to the zoo today. That was pretty fun. At one point though, there were a group of kids determined to scream “SKUNK!” (or maybe it was “stunk,” I couldn’t tell) until it would come out. None of us ever got a proper glimpse of it, so the kids FINALLY gave up, after about 10 minutes of this infernal screaming. Right before we left though, I think I might’ve seen a hardly noticeable flash of the sun reflecting off a blade from behind the log, as the skunk cut his tiny wrists.

So, without further ado, here are some pictures of our zoo experience.

The bear told a funny joke.


Black Bear
This reminds me of the Godfather. 



A Moment in the Sun

Sometimes, as I lie on the front porch, with my duck sitting on my stomach, Dax running around the yard, my mom beside me, and the smell of a burnt paper plate waifting out of the open door behind me, I feel that maybe, just maybe, everything is alright with the world, at least just for this short little moment.

So I just got back from my very first session of my first little job doing… stuff.

The specifications include: drowning plants, offering myself as a sacrifice to the misquitos, and rifling through the neighbor’s house, because they gave me the spare key “in case of emergencies.” And we all know dying of boredom is an emergency.

I spent most of the time soaking myself and singing really loudly (thank goodness for seclusion), so I guess learning the responsibility of money really means getting paid for doing something fun. I saw some purdy birds too. 8D

I still don’t know if this day was meaningful enough to compensate for my terrible night last night. I have so many bad dreams! And I didn’t even go to sleep until like 2:30, just because I couldn’t fall asleep. It was a torturous night.

But anyway, I did make multifunctional decorative pillow today. 8D

It’s not very exciting… I love the fabric though!! And my duck is such a good model. <33 I might sell these at the Amish auction next year.

Soon I hope to make a little plushie cake out of some felt I just bought. 8D

Anyway, I haven't much else to say, plus, my duck is pecking at my fingers as I try to type.

I want food.

Catching Up

I have not blogged in sooo long… but it’s because, as I said to Helie, “My life is dfeeeweaaad.” Or something to that extent.

I love some of the great old theme songs from sitcoms in the 90’s. Like the Golden Girls. Ah, I love their song. And I love the Cybil song too, but that could have been more recent.

I always think of things to say until I actually sit down and try to write them in my darned boring blog.
I have been drawing a lot though, and praticing on my tablet. 8D It’s get discouraging and frustrating sometimes. I wish all my artsus came out amazing, haha.

My granny’s come to visit, so I’ve been on the computer a lot less, just so that she doesn’t know that I spend ALL MY TIME ON IT. Haha, but if she can remember anything from previous visits, my case is hopeless. So instead I’ve been kinda attempting at plushie sewing, and I made a little clay cake too. I’ll post it when I get a chance to take a picture. Ugh, sewing is so frustrating, because we have so few colors of felt, and so I started using white, and pink thread around the border. I have to make EXACTLY UNIFORM (as much as possible) stiches, or it’ll look terrible. I didn’t get far. I felt like crying the whole time. That’s when I moved on to making clay instead. x__x

Tomorrow we’re going to town so Dax can look at some old local newspapers during the great depression for his EE. I am looking forward to actually DOING SOMETHING and going to town.

My duck has been doing really well. 8D He is so cuuuuute!! I filled up out little puddle-pond thing today, and he had SO much fun splashing around and chasing grass hoppers.

Ah, I love the fresh Montana air up here. It’s intoxicating. I feel sorry for anyone who’s never smelled the mountain air. Ahhhh.

I miss my friends. Or rather, I miss missing my friends. It’s like, now that I’ve been away for this long, I’ve forgotten how much fun we had! Oh my goodness, I want to get back so badly. But I want to stay here too, because it’s beautiful, and quiet, and fresh, and I even love my church, and the whole community. We got ATVing every day and soon we’re going to boating. I have as much free time as I want and it’s so cool and just such a great experience. But I’m also sitting here hearing about what fun swing dancing was, and the tubing party next weekend (not really; but kinda; it does happen sometimes, just not next weekend), and things like that! It’s torturous. But we do have fun things here,. There’s just no… children. Or people my age, I mean. Except a few whom I don’t get a chance to see much. It’s not the same.

I need to try the whole creepypasta thing, but I have no creative abilities, nor a creepy sense of humor. Well, sometimes it’s creepy, but in a different way. Anyhow, if something creepypasta ACTUALLY HAPPENS, I’ll be sure to report it. But it’s not going to happen.

Oh and I have something interesting to add. I was recently invited to a sweet 16 party via facebook messages. This gave me the opportunity to evaluate who else had been invited (very handy so I have a chance to make something up so I don’t have to go, just in case [kidding {maybe}]). Out of the 20 people (including myself) that were invited, she invited 5 Emily’s, 3 Hayley’s, 3 Katie’s, and 2 Holly’s. Now, some of these names variated slightly in spelling, but all are pronounced the same. There was also two Emma’s, but one was a compund name (Emmarose). I thought this was hilarious. Maybe it’s just me.

Did you know that Dax likes to often some over and stick his parrot in my face? He just did that.

Well, I suppose that about wraps it up, or not really, but I’ve at least run out of things to say. Maybe tomorrow I’ll make a post just to show the things I’ve made lately.

Warning: Silly-ish


So night before last I did end up doing something besides rotting in front of the computer and went to out neighbor Emmy’s house. (OMGSOCIALCONTACTPLZ)
I pretty much just laid on the trampoline while Emmy chucked dirtclods at Dax. It was the most interesting thing I’ve done in weeks.

Then I came home and continued my nice little hobby of feeling pathetic and wishing I could draw well. Or do anything well. Ha. 8D

So yersterday we went down to the beach and hung out with our Canadian friends. We went tubing (their tube is amazing; it has built-in seats) and I learned how to wake surf. Way fun. I even got Dax to come tubing with me… as long as the driver didn’t try anything crazy haha. When I went with one of the girls we went airborne quite a few times. Since the tube was practically impossible to roll of of, thanks to the little cubby-hole seats, in order to get thrown off, you would have to hit a bump hard enough to send you COMPLETELY FLYING. I managed to avoid it. (although I fell on my face once, because of my strange technique where I use my legs to keep me level o__O) But the boys did, and it was haliarious. Looked like to hurt though. Amazingly, although I was in the sun full-on for hours, I got NO SUNBURN. YES.

After we all came back in from the boat we kinda mosied around in the shallows and my duck got to totally be obsessed over by everyone. We fed him oodles of watermelon, and everybody laughed and squealed when he nipped at their fingers. I just gobbled sunflower seeds and chips the whole time.

After that it was 7 already so we came home and just kinda hung out until around 10 o’ clock when we headed back down to the bonfire we agreed to have. I’d rather not go into details, because the entire event will suddenly sound very boring and pathetic. ._. Us kids built a little fire right next to the big one to roast marshmallows on and cook the clay pots they made. My dad kinda pathetically bribed me into trying to sing this song he likes so much with Dax playing his guitar along with it, but we failed because I had no clue what the words were even if I knew the tune well enough. It kind of ruined the night, and my mom as pretty mad as we rode home because Dax and I were fighting about it.

Now, today, I sit here and kill time while my parents try to fix something to do with the TV before we go to town. We were going to go hiking but my dad’s back started hurting him and we didn’t. I was very glad we’re not going today, but that just means it’ll happen tomorrow instead, but at least I’ll have a book to read by then. I’m looking forward to the neighbor’s 4th of July party tomorrow though.